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Offshore Fishing

  • Captain Jesus Diaz
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  • Captain Tyson Veach
  • Captain Billy Wickers III
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  • If your impression of offshore fishing is that of Hemingway's Santiago, or of "deep sea" fishing boats complete with fighting chairs, heavy tackle and may be a nostalgic angler but welcome to the fishing is a sport on the leading edge of technology. State of the art, light tackle fishing equipment now levels the playing field between the denizens of the deep blue and the knowledgeable angler.

    With Key West Pro Guides, anglers pursue the "Big Game" fish aboard modern center console light tackle vessels. Fast and efficient fishing machines completely equipped and outfitted to do one thing, provide the angler a "fighting chance" against the speedy Wahoo, Sailfish and Blackfin Tuna of the Atlantic Gulf stream.

    Offshore fishing is an arena for battle unlike anywhere else. From the color change to the weed lines, the light tackle angler's armament of weapons consist of high tech kite fishing to controlled trolling to basic drifting, free lining live baits into the depths. This is a hands on approach to hooking and fighting trophy fish of a lifetime. Offshore with its spectacularly visual strikes at the surface to the natural presentation and thrill of the "take' way down deep, the adrenalin rush is unequalled.

    Chase the elusive Wahoo and Kingfish or go head to head with the imposing Dolphin. Test your nerve with the menacing Giant Barracuda or the ultimate intimidator of the open ocean depths, the shark. Offshore fishing is an adventure like no other and there is no better location on the planet to experience it than Key West. This is world class angling at its finest!