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The Gulf Wrecks - World War 2 Era Habitats

A brief history..... Back in the early 1940's the U.S. laid mine fields in the Gulf of Mexico to thwart off German U-boats. Doing this also created mayhem for the shipping industry bringing cargo from the gulf coast states to the Caribbean islands. Many of the wrecks we currently fish fell victim to friendly mines, not German U-boats. These wrecks have since been wire drug and are Spectacular fishing and diving locations.

Wreck fishing in the Gulf of Mexico can be one of the most productive day fishing trips in Key West with 200 plus known shipwrecks easily accessible from our docks. There is several shallow water or near-shore shipwreck sites, which provide a completely different fishing experience from the offshore or deeper water shipwrecks in the Atlantic. These shallow wrecks offer the light tackle angler many options in presentation. Commonly we produce explosive strikes at or near the surface by casting live baitfish or lures to visible cruising fish. Fly fishers can cast artificial flies with success as well. Barracuda, Jack Crevalle, Cobia and Permit are but a few of the many species calling the Gulf shipwrecks home.

The most productive Gulf wreck sites although being in much shallower waters on average than the Atlantic wrecks can be well offshore with 15 to 35 mile runs by anglers being common. The "Gulf wrecks" are renowned Permit and Cobia spawning grounds. Bull sharks are plentiful, even Tiger sharks are occasionally encountered. In the Gulf, a mixed bag of species caught by days end is routine making for an exciting fishing experience. Gray or Mangrove snapper, Lane and Mutton Snapper, Gag, Red and Black Groupers are just a few in and around the wrecks. During Kingfish (King Mackerel) season, monster Kings up to 60lbs. frequent the edges of the wrecks as do Spanish and Cero Mackerel.

M/V Gunvor - 233ft. Long in 65Ft. of Water

M/V Luckenbach - 465Ft. Long in 65Ft. of water

Specialty Trips - Way West, Gulf Wrecks & Towers (December - July)
Light Tackle Boat - 1 to 4 guests - (Yellowfin, Conch, Invincible, SeaVee)

Full Day $1500 (8 hours) Fuel Included