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Beware of the growing plethora of new “online” fishing booking type websites! Companies that sometimes appear online today only to disappear tomorrow. Companies never actually based in the location you are visiting yet representing numerous captains, boats and services there…understand these businesses are only selling your reservation while keeping a “fat commission”. There is no vested interest in your safety or satisfaction only your money.

You should read the growing numbers of “negative reviews” and horror stories of ruined vacations and lost money by uniformed people assuming checking a few boxes on a website form was a reasonable way to place a fishing reservation. They have no Local Staff to assist of any issues arise, no local phone number for support, remember, Belgrade Serbia!

Yes, Belgrade Syria!! The largest of these type sites is actually based in Belgrade Serbia with less than six years in business. They list 30,000 captains in close to 2,000 cities in 120 countries. They are strictly commission driven charging captains from 10% to 30% for your reservation. They sell you to the highest bidder! The higher the commission paid the more visible a captain becomes on their site. Being first on their site has absolutely nothing to do with experience, reputation, customer service etc. whatsoever.

Would you find it disturbing that these booking sites never meet the captains represented? These “online mega sites” know zero of a captain's background, talents, skill sets, or people skills. They have no inkling if the captain is dependable or reputable. They have done nothing more than posted a picture of the boat and copied the information which was provided by the captain on their site. There are never any real “guarantees of the captain or vessels”. No real knowledge of who or what they are representing to you. They cannot possibly know anything about the intricacies of such a diverse fishery as Key West.

These companies will trust your family & friends safety and your money to any outfit willing to pay them a commission…period!

These types of “online predators” blanket market to every captain in every location on the planet. Vetting them only by emailing a free “List Your Boat” on our site. These “invisible online people” understand there will be that percentage of outfits/captains willing to buy your reservation because they cannot book themselves locally. Guides that may be new to the business, have little or no local experience, or worse have earned poor reputations…all limitations ultimately keeping them from competing with renowned guides that have years invested building a clientele and a reputable business playing by the rules. Remember these unknown captains provide their own information so ask yourself, who in the world is going to say “hey, I am second best”. Certainly, it is fair to think some captains listed could be fine but how do you know? Why would you ever risk it?

Sport fishing isn’t inexpensive. So, like with any rather significant purchase, a bit of research and at least basic knowledge is paramount to making a good decision before spending your money. The best and frankly the easiest way to accomplish this is to take time to speak with our experienced professionals ready to assist you in reserving the trip best suited to your group’s interests. Our highly trained customer service staff will explain firsthand our many options and flexibility to create the perfect charter for you. Our years at the top of the industry in Key West will ensure you of a quality, safe and enjoyable experience. Key West Pro Guides as a reputable purveyor stands behind our team and many services. We have staff on site and a marina office to assist you at anytime.